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2'' in-line mineralizing cartridge.

Used in the process of reverse osmosis filtration. Available in 2'' white in-line housing with connection 1/4'', female.
Drinking of water filtered in reverse osmosis system and later re-mineralized, can provide you with the right amount of minerals, that your body needs daily.

Reverse osmosis filtration removes 96% - 99% of all contaminants and minerals from water. The mineralizing cartridge brings back those lost mienerals. When water flows through the dolomite filtration media, it gets enriched with the mineral elements necessary for human body, such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. The content of minerals in re-mineralized water is comparable with the mineral content in bottled mineral water available in stores.

Characteristics of the minerals:

Calcium - basic component of bones and teeth. Beneficial for the metabolism process and essential for maintaining normal heart function and the activity of the neuromuscular system.

Magnesium - takes part in more than 300 bio-chemical processes, thus it determines the proper functioning of the immune and neuromuscular system. Prevents cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and kidney stones.

Sodium - regulates hydration of the body and maintains the proper acid-base balance, is a great blood stimulator.

Potassium - the most important cation in the intracellular fluid. In smaller amounts, it is also found in the extracellular fluid. Potassium regulates the water balance of the body and maintains the proper heart rhythm and affects the acid-base balance. Additionally, potassium maintains the proper osmotic pressure.

The cartridge should not be used in case of microbial contamination, or on water from an unknown source.

Advantages of the cartridge:

- Contains high quality filtration media with the ability to re-mineralize water
- Enriches water with mineral elements necessary for human body (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium)
- Can be used in the process of reverse osmosis
- Fits into most of reverse osmosis systems available on the market


Filter diameter: 53 mm
Length: 254 mm
Max. water flow: 250 l per day
Max. pressure: 6 bar
Max. temperature: 51°C
Efficiency: 3600 l
Connection: female 1/4'' (input and output)
Cations: Ca2+: 34mg/l Mg2+: 12mg/l Na+: 22mg/l K+: 8.5mg/l
Anions: CO32-: 10mg/l SO42-: 0.3mg/l Cl-: 0.8mg/l F-: 0.06mg/l
Cartridge life: max. 12 months

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