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Carbon cartridge with Hydro-Anthracite media.
Coconut shell activated carbon used in filter cartridges removes chlorine, solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons (improves the taste and odor) and compounds, phenol, benzene, and organic substances from water.

Non-woven polypropylene removes sediment impurities from water, such as: sand, silt, rust, suspension solids. In addition, it creates a barrier that prevents filtration media from being washed out.

Cartridges are designed for treating cold drinking water or general use water.

Cartridges should not be used for microbiologically contaminated water of unknown origin.

Advantages of cartridges:

- Contain a high quality filter media (Hydro-Anthracite)
- Remove pesticides
- Remove up to 99% free chlorine from water
- Remove organic compounds
- Remove phenol and benzene from water
- Remove sediment impurities (rust, sand, silt, suspension solids)
- Improve the taste and smell of water
- Cartridges are equipped with a final filter that prevents filtration media from being washed out.


Height: 9 7/8" (25 cm)
Diameter: 2½" (6.5 cm)
Operation temperature: 2-45°C
Recommended flow: up to 6 l/min
Service life: up to 6 months / 5600 liters

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