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Filter cartridge GW-BCRR-L2 - 2-inch transparent in-line filter cartridge with the Negative Ions, with capacity of 2000 ni/cm3.

Ionized water is easily absorbed by the human body, and has a positive effect on many physiological processes. The 'Negative Ions' take part in detoxification process, regulate the pH in body fluids, help to remove free radicals (free radicals are contributing to aging). The GW-BCRR-L2 filter cartridge is compatible with most under-sink filters and RO systems available on the market.

This cartridge is encased in an in-line housing with 1/4'' female thread connections and two plugs, which prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.
The cartridge should not be used for biologically contaminated water of unknown origin. Cartridges are designed for treating cold drinking water.


- Positive effect on many biochemical processes of the body
- Soothing effect
- Stimulates sleep
- Pain relief
- Antibacterial effect
- Improves the taste of the water
- After passing through the "Negative Ions" cartridge, the water stays fresh for longer
- The cartridge fits most of the under sink and reverse osmosis systems available on the market

The bioceramic filter media in this filter use ultra-red infrared radiation in the deep infrared and electromagnetic fields. It breaks the water molecules into even smaller particles. This process activates somatic cells, stimulates blood circulation and improves metabolism.
Application range: highly magnetic insert for linear polarization of pure water particles. It effects the physical properties of water through the use of a strong, stable magnetic field. Such magnetized water has a greater ability to dissolve oxygen, thanks to which it supports metabolism. Water treated with the cartridge prevents the formation of gallstones in kidneys, hypertension, and lowers the fat levels in the blood. On top of that, it counteracts atherosclerosis and supports a small blood circulation. It strengthens the body's immune system and has a greater ability to soften and dissolve blood components. The cartridge regulates the pH level of physiological fluids, takes part in cleansing the body of toxins, helps remove free radicals.


Size: 10'' x 2'' (27.5 cm x 5 cm)
Operating temperature: 2 - 42°C
Connection: 1/4'' female thread (in and out)
Max. pressure: 6 bar
Filter life: up to 24 months (depending on water quality and working conditions)

The filter is dedicated to kitchen filters and reverse osmosis systems.

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