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Filter series FCCBL-G-AB - the filter cartridges are made of sintered activated carbon combined with the anti-bacterial technology BACINIX™. The cartridge removes from water from 98% to 99% of free chlorine, chlorinated solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons (improves the taste and smell of water), as well as up to 85% of chlorine-derived pesticides, multi-aromatic compounds, phenol, benzene and organic substances. An additional protection is the bactericidal active substance, covering the entire surface of the cartridge, which improves its anti-bacterial properties.

The sintered carbon has much larger filtration surface area and a number of active centres, giving you ca. 25% higher efficiency than any other carbon cartridges. Additionally, it can filter mechanical impurities down to 3 µm in size. The FCCBL-G-AB cartridges are especially recommended for treatment of surface water.

This filter cartridge is designed to filter cold fresh water.
Before first use, we recommend soaking the cartridge in water for about 1 hour, or flushing it for few minutes with running water.

Recommended flow rate: up to 6 litres per minute.

The cartridges should not be used on microbiologically polluted water, or on water from an unknown source. To prolong the life of the filter, you should install a filter with filter cartridge from FCPS or FCPP before the FCCBL-G-AB cartridge.

Advantages of the carbon filters:

- Remove from water up to 99% of free chlorine
- Remove organic impurities
- Remove phenol and benzene from water
- Remove mechanical impurities (rust, silts, suspensions) up to the grain size of 3 μm
- They improve the taste and smell of water


Height: 9 7/8'' (25 cm)
Diameter: 2 1/2'' (6,5 cm)
Operating temperature: 2 - 45°C
Recommended flow rate: up to 6 L/min
Longevity: max 6 months / 8000 litres

Price per 1 piece.

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