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The FCCST cartridge contains fine granules of filtration media with strong capability to exchange magnesium and calcium ions for sodium ions.

Hard water is the cause of scale build-up on the heating and plumbing system, and on home appliances that get in contact with water. Fabrics washed in such water loose their qualities, and the detergents become less effective.

The cartridge is designed to be used for treatment of cold drinking and all-purpose water. It is equipped with a final filter, which prevents media particles from getting out of the cartridge.


Height: 9 7/8'' (25 cm)
Diameter: 2 1/2'' (6.5 cm)
Operating temperature: 2-40°C
Recommended water flow: up to 6 L/min
Longevity: up to 2 months (depending on the quality of water)

The cartridge should not be used in case of microbial contamination of water, or on water from an unknown source. To prolong the longevity of the cartridge, it is recommended to install a string-wound or foam cartridge before the FCCST cartridge.

Advantages of the cartridge:

- Contains high-performance filtration media, that exchanges calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions
- Eliminates scale build-up
- Increases the effectiveness of detergents by 30%
- Soft water does not leave any stains on cutlery and glass
- Equipped with a final filter, which prevents media particles from getting out of the cartridge


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