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Product Information

RO membrane with a capacity of 150 gpd.
The Global Water company's product.
Membrane designed for standard, domestic reverse osmosis systems.
Membrane in size 1812 or 1.8 inches in diameter and 12 inches in length, with a nominal capacity of 150 gpd (Gallon Per Day) / 567 L per day (at optimal parameters of the feed water).
Main application: in home and aquarium reverse osmosis systems.

The membrane fits all commercially available standard RO4, RO5, RO6 and RO7 reverse osmosis filters as well as aquarium filters.

Operating conditions:

- pressure in water supply: 2.8 - 21 atm
- water temperature: 4 - 45°C
- maximum salinity: 2000 ppm
- maximum water hardness: 400 mg CaCO3
- maximum water turbidity: 1 NTU
- pH range of raw water: 3 - 11 pH
- chlorine content in raw water: 0.1 ppm <
- maximum iron and manganese content: 0.05 ppm <

The membrane should be flushed for 1.5 hours, before first use.

The membrane fits into a 2012 size housing

Replacement Schedule:

- average membrane service life: 3 years


When replacing the membrane, you also need to replace the flow restrictor—which is mounted on the drain hose directing the concentrate to the sewage system.
Select FR-550 restrictor 

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