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Compact Redox gives you much more than any other kitchen filter.
This advanced water filtration gives you three types of water at your disposal, which you can draw from one filter tap. Patented solution by Global Water!
Compact Redox is designed to be installed in a kitchen cabinet under the sink, but it can also be placed on a kitchen counter. The aesthetic housing conceals an extremely efficient and effective water filtration system. The unit produces water as soon as you turn on the tap.

Three Water Types:

This filtration system gives you the highest quality, perfectly clean, well-oxygenated water for human consumption.

1. Perfectly clean, slightly mineralized drinking water: Direct consumption, cooking, preparing meals, washing fruits and vegetables—natural mineral water, well-oxygenated, soft and without any contamination.
2. REDOX alkaline water: naturally ionized water that will restore the vitality of your body, take care of your health and eliminate discomfort caused by consuming acidic products. Redox water has a highly positive pH (approx. 9.5) and a negative ORP potential (max. -600mV)
3. RO Water: Perfectly clean, mineral-free water that can be used for a fish tank, rinsing contact lenses, steam irons, irons—and many other applications where a residue-free liquid is a must. Such water is also recommended for people with kidney dysfunction (kidney stones).

These waters are produced directly—immediately after turning the tap on. Compact Redox does not have a water tank, so you can be sure of the freshness of the water you drink.

Size or Dimensions

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Unit dimensions:

height: 45 cm

width: 35 cm (+4 cm for water connections)

depth: 17 cm

Tap dimensions:

height: 32 cm

width: max 22 cm

Color: satin

Product specifications 

Alkaline Redox Water:

Drinking alkaline water is the most important thing you can make for your health and wellness. This water is a strong antioxidant and boost your body with oxygen and energy. Alkaline water with optimal pH level and low (negative) ORP can cure most diseases resulting from poor eating habits, as well as other health conditions, that often are classified as "chronic" or "life-long" by the medicine. Alkaline water neutralises acids in the whole body. Modern-day people have their bodies overacidified and each day we worsen it by eating acid products from processed foods. So we need to compensate it, taking something, that will restore acid-base balance. Acids are a root of every health condition, so the best therapy is to neutralise these acids when they're created. Health means body balance (homeostasis). Emotional balance stands for mental health, and acid-base balance stands for proper body functions, and it influences brain function and our emotions. Taking care of your health was never that easy—consider: today you are the water you drank yesterday. Your brain, heart and all organs, the Whole You, are 75% water you drink every day!

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Global Water offers you only the best stuff.
Modern, compact housing, high-performance filter cartridges, booster pump, draining of impurities to the sewage system, the highest efficiency of water filtration: these are just a few advantages of our new product. Thanks to immediate, direct water filtration, the tank in which purified water was storaged has been eliminated. All components have been composed to ensure the highest possible comfort of use. To completely stand out on the water treatment market, we have added an individually designed filter tap for pure water use—now you have three types of water at your disposal. The filter cartridges and reverse osmosis membranes used in the set ensure perfectly clean and safe water in all conditions—regardless of whether the water is supplied from waterworks or well water. The system can be expanded with more treated water connections—you can connect a refrigerator with ice maker or other external device. To make the system work as economically as possible, the unit has been designed so that only one liter of dirty water is drained to the sewage system per one liter of purified water.

Structure of the System:

This unit uses popular, accessible in-line cartridges, so operation costs are really low and the replacement procedure is extremely simple. Inside the unit there is a high-efficiency boosting pump supporting the operation of the filtration system, thanks to which the device works even at low pressure and is resistant to pressure peaks in the installation. The set also includes an anti-contamination valve that prevents the drain water from flowing back from the sewage system. So you can be sure that your water filtration system will be completely safe even in the event of a clog or a sewage failure—dirty water with bacteria cannot return to the filter system.

Multi-Stage Filtration:

1. Pre-Filter - 5 micron,
2. High-Performance Activated Carbon Cartridge
3. Fine Filtration Cartridge -1 micron
4. First Reverse Osmosis Membrane with a capacity of 300 gpd
5. Second Reverse Osmosis Membrane with a capacity of 300 gpd
6. Mineralizing Cartridge
7. Redox Cartridge - alkalizes the water, model Oxy Antioxidant Alkaline by Biocera

Cartridge Replacement Schedule:

1. Pre-Filter - 5 micron, recommended replacement every 6 months
2. High-Performance Activated Carbon Cartridge, recommended replacement every 6 months
3. Fine Filtration Cartridge -1 micron, recommended replacement every 6 months
4. First Reverse Osmosis Membrane with a capacity of 300 gpd: recommended replacement every 36 months
5. Second Reverse Osmosis Membrane with a capacity of 300 gpd: recommended replacement every 36 months
6. Mineralizing Cartridge, recommended replacement every 6 months
7. Redox Cartridge - alkalizes the water, recommended replacement every 12 months

Filter cartridges life depends on the quality of the raw water and its regular or temporary contamination level.

Min.flow water temperature: 5°C
Max. water temperature: 40°C
Minimum pressure: 1.5 bar
Max pressure: 6.0 bar
Efficiency: approx. 1 liter of water per minute *
* 0.9 - 1.1 l/min depending on the supply water temperature
Membranes: 2 x 300 gpd
The device requires an electric power supply—there is a 230V/24V transformer inside the device

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Special Instructions

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Price is not included of installation.
Installation cost €50