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The best version of the classic RO!

The RO7 systems are our bestseller at the moment. We now offer this classic system equipped with a booster pump - ideal solution for places where the water pressure in the mains is low or irregular.
Advantages of using the booster pump:
- Fast and regular water pressure, regardless of the pressure in water mains
- Lower water refuse rate
- Quick filling of the storage tank

 type of water:
- Clean filtered water (for food and drink preparation)
- low mineralized water (for direct consumption - instead bottled mineral water)

In both versions the water is highly oxygenated, which makes it even healthier.
Seven-stage filtering system equipped with a mineraliser and the GW-BCRR-L2 ionising cartridge.


Why is it so effective?

Reverse osmosis is a natural process, in which the water is separated from any substances and chemicals dissolved in the water.
During the process, water is filtered through a membrane.

When pressure is applied, water naturally moves from an area of high solute concentration into the area of low solute concentration. As it passes through the membrane, all pollutants get separated from water and discharged into the sewer.

Thanks to the pores of the size of a water molecule, the membrane can separate the water on molecular level. The high quality drinking water is collected in the storage tank and can be drawn from it through a spout installed on the kitchen counter or the sink.

The filter is also equipped with in-line carbon cartridge made of coconut – thanks to this cartridge, water produced in the filter has nice, soft taste.

An additional stage of water treatment is the bioceramic cartridge GW-BCRR-L2 which, using the ultra-red radiation, arranges water molecules into natural clusters and ionizes water.

The dolomite mineraliser used in the filtering system provides you with perfectly balanced set of water-soluble mineral compounds.

Stages of Water Filtration:

1. Foam cartridge 5 microns (model GW-PS5-10) - removes mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns

2. Foam cartridge 1 microns (model GW-PS1-10) - removes mechanical impurities larger than 1 microns

3. Carbon block cartridge (model GW-BL-10) - activated carbon used in this cartridge removes chemical impurities in the water, such as chlorine, chlorophenols, fluoride, detergents and many others. The cartridge is active since the start (flooding it with water) for 6 months, or after passage 8 thousand litres of water.

4. Osmosis membrane - the most important stage in water filtration. Semi-permeable membrane removes 90% - 99.8% of all compounds dissolved in water. Inside the membrane the water is dissociate at the molecular level. Pure water is stored in a special pressure vessel, and all the impurities are thrown into the sewer system. The ability of the membrane filter is 0.0006 micron. Capacity up to 730 litres per day (depending on raw water quality).

This system uses the best membrane with capacity up to 200 GPD (max 730 litres/day).

5. In-line carbon cartridge (model GW-CCA-L2) - a special cartridge filled with charcoal from coconut shells improves water quality by eliminating gases and smell from the water. Recommended change: every 6 months.

6. Mineraliser (model GW-MIN-L2) - specially composed dolomite cartridge for enriching pure RO water with minerals and trace elements. Amounts of minerals in the filtered water - Ca2+ - 34 mg / L Mg2+ - 12 mg / L Na+ - 22 mg / l K+ - 8.5 mg / l-CO32 - 10 mg / L SO42- - 0.3 mg / l Cl- - 0.8 mg / l F - 0.06 mg / l. Recommended change: every 12 months.

Our filters are made of best quality, attested mineral media. Each filter is laser-stamped:


7. Bioceramic cartridge (model GW-BCRR-L2) - uses ultra-red light in the deep infrared radiation and electromagnetic fields. Breaks down water molecules into fine particles. This process activates the somatic cells, stimulates blood circulation and improves metabolism.
Recommended change: every 24 months.

Action range of the Bioceramic cartridge: the cartridge of strong linear polarization of the magnetic particles of pure water in order to improve and maintain health. It works by changing the physical properties of water by applying a strong, steady magnetic field. Such magnetised water has a higher solubility for oxygen and thereby promotes metabolism. Tests along with clinical reports clearly confirmed the magnetised water prevents the formation of gallstones and kidney stones, hypertension, and reduces blood fat. In addition, prevents atherosclerosis and assisted by a small blood circulation. It strengthens the immune system and has a greater ability to soften and dissolve blood components.

Included in set:

- raw water connections set (water supply) 1/2''
- water waste drain clamp
- flexible connecting tubes: white - 5 m, red - 1,5 m
- filter housing wrench
- filter tap wrench
- teflon tape
- anti-leak valve
- large, 12 litres storage tank for clean water
- membrane 200gpd Global Water
- filter replacement indicator sticker Timestrip

The first filter housing is transparent - you can see the degree of contamination of the cartridge, the other two housings are white.
Housings sealed with double o-rings.
Type of connections: new generation quick-couplings – no safety clip is required.

Filter Tap

The set includes the best double tap available on the market.
A professional product that will look great in your kitchen!
Spout for filtered water is one of the most sensitive products - it is used daily over and over again!
The RO7 system includes a spout with ceramic valves - this guarantees not only the high aesthetics of the product, but also the purity of water drawn from it.

Supplied water temperature: 5°C - 40°C
Min. water pressure: 1.5 atm
Max. Water pressure: 6.0 atm
Connection type: new generation quick couplings
Water inlet connection: 1/2"
Requires 230V/50Hz power supply
Requires water connection and waste drain connection

This water filtration system gives you perfectly clean water, ready to drink without boiling—directly from the tap in a variety of two types:
- clean neutral water (for food and drink preparation)
- slightly mineralised, ionised water (directly from the tap - no need to run to the shop and buy bottles of mineral water!)
In both versions the water is highly oxygenated, which makes it even healthier.

Purified water is:

- Safe to drink without boiling
- Is perfect for making baby food
- Enhances the aroma of coffee and tea
- Ideal for diluting juices and drinks, and for ice cubes for drinks
- Is suitable for washing fruit, vegetables and meat
- The cooked dishes are healthier and have a natural taste
- It is recommended to drink for those with tendency to kidney stones and gall bladder stones
- Great for baby skin care, face and teeth washing
- You can wash damageable surfaces (e.g., contact lenses)
- Leaves no stone deposits in kettles, irons, coffee makers, etc..
- Eliminating the factors that cause allergies (such as chlorine),
- Hand dish-washing leaves no precipitate so that the glass and dishes are shiny
- Can also be used for aquariums, watering plants, and as a source of clean water for pets

Complete safety:

The Global Water RO7 systems are the only ones on the market that are equipped with an anti-backflow valve. The valve prevents backflow of the water waste from the sewage system. So you can be sure that your water filtration system will be completely safe even when there is clogging or plumbing failure - no dirty water can get into the filter system.

The device has a leak stop sensor that shuts off the water supply to the filter system, when water appears in the kitchen cabinet.
The sensor is reusable, extremely easy to install and use.

Cartridge Replacement Reminder:

In the set you will receive a small clever sticker that can be placed anywhere—after activation of the fluid contained in it, it counts down the time for cartridge replacement after 6 months of operation.

Device Installation:

All the equipment in the shop can be installed on your own.However, if you would like to order our installation services—we are at your disposal. Available only within the territory of Malta and Gozo.

Technical Support:

Each product has a user's manual. We provide technical support during assembly and maintenance of the device.

Item in Stock:

We are the producer or the direct distributor of all the products in our offer. All products shown in our online shop are actually in our stores. You always have the opportunity to see and receive your device in a traditional, offline store.


2 years warranty 


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System dimensions [cm]: 
D 21 x W 37 x H min 45 - max 63 (cartridges are placed in movable holders) + tank 35 (height) x 24 (diameter)

Tap dimensions:
Height: 30 cm


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