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Water Filter Reverse Osmosis RO6 Pomp

Standard RO system upgraded with an efficient booster pump—an ideal solution wherever the pressure in the water supply network is low or unstable.
Advantages of using a booster pump:
- fast and even water production regardless of the mains pressure
- less water waste to the sewage system
- quick tank filling


Reverse osmosis is a natural process, in which the water is separated from any substances and chemicals dissolved in the water.
During the process, water is filtered through a semipermeable diaphragm (membrane).

When pressure is applied, water naturally moves from an area of high solute concentration into the area of low solute concentration. As it passes through the membrane, all pollutants get separated from water and discharged into the sewer.

Thanks to the pores of the size of a water molecule, the membrane can separate the water on molecular level. The high quality drinking water is collected in the storage tank and can be drawn from it through a filter tap installed on the kitchen counter or the sink.

 type of water:
- pure filtered water (for food and drink preparation)
- low mineralized water and a bit alkaline
  For drinking and cooking purposes 


The system is also equipped with a coconut carbon in-line cartridge—it gives the water a pleasant, velvety taste.

The dolomite mineraliser used in the filtering system provides you with perfectly balanced set of water-soluble mineral compounds.

Stages of Water Filtration:

1. Foam cartridge 5 microns (model GW-PS5-10) - removes mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns.
Recommended change: every 6 months.

2. Foam cartridge 1 microns (model GW-PS1-10) - removes mechanical impurities larger than 1 microns.
Recommended change: every 6 months.

3. Carbon block cartridge (model GW-BL-10) - activated carbon used in this cartridge removes chemical impurities in the water, such as chlorine, chlorophenols, fluoride, detergents and many others. The cartridge is active since the start (flooding it with water) for 6 months, or after passage 8 thousand litres of water.

4. Reverse Osmosis membrane—the most important stage in water filtration. Semi-permeable membrane removes 90% - 99.8% of all compounds dissolved in water. Inside the membrane the water is dissociate at the molecular level. Pure water is stored in a special pressure vessel, and all the impurities are thrown into the sewer system. The ability of the membrane filter is 0.0006 micron. Capacity up to 730 litres per day (depending on raw water quality).
Recommended change: every 36 months.

This system includes the best membrane with capacity of 200 gpd (max. 730 litres/24 hours)

5. In-line carbon cartridge (model GW-CCA-L2) - a special cartridge filled with charcoal from coconut shells improves water quality by eliminating gases and smell from the water.
Recommended change: every 6 months.

6. In-line multi-layer filter media filled with
Bioceramic balls, calcite, green jade, rose stone,
Mineral stone


Supplied water temperature: 5°C - 40°C
Min. water pressure: 1.5 atm
Max. Water pressure: 6.0 atm
Connection type: quick couplings
Water inlet: 1/2"
The device requires 230V/50Hz power supply
The device needs to be connected to water supply and drain

This water filtration system gives you perfectly clean water, ready to drink without boiling—directly from the tap.

Purified Water Is:

- Safe to drink without boiling
- Is perfect for making baby food
- Enhances the aroma of coffee and tea
- Ideal for diluting juices and drinks, and for ice cubes for drinks
- Is suitable for washing fruit, vegetables and meat
- The cooked dishes are healthier and have a natural taste
- It is recommended to drink for those with tendency to kidney stones and gall bladder stones
- Great for baby skin care, face and teeth washing
- You can wash damageable surfaces (e.g., contact lenses)
- Leaves no stone deposits in kettles, irons, coffee makers, etc..
- Eliminating the factors that cause allergies (such as chlorine),
- Hand dish-washing leaves no precipitate so that the glass and dishes are shiny
- Can also be used for aquariums, watering plants, and as a source of clean water for pets

Complete Safety:

Global Water RO systems are the only ones on the market that are equipped with an anti-backflow valve. The valve prevents backflow of the water waste from the sewage system. So you can be sure that your water filtration system will be completely safe even when there is clogging or plumbing failure - no dirty water can get into the filter system.

Device Installation:

All the equipment in the shop can be installed on your own. However, if you would like to order our installation services—we are at your disposal. Available only within the territory of Malta and Gozo.

Technical Support:

Each product has a user's manual. We provide technical support during assembly and maintenance of the device.

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D 21x W 37x H min 45 max 63 + tank 35 heightx24 diameter

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This price doesn’t include the installation.
Installation fee: €50